Oriented Strand Board and LVL Beam Production Plant

Plant characteristic:

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and LVL Beam Production Plant.

Design capacity of products: 300 thousand cubic meters and 60 thousand cubic meters per year, respectively.

The volume of processed raw materials (round timber of coniferous and deciduous species 1-3 grades): 700 thousand cubic meters per year.

Processing Line: Dieffenbacher

Total plot area: 71 hectares

Total building area: 1st stage – 48 thousand square meters, 2nd stage – 61 thousand square meters.

Basic tasks set by Customer

Optimization of space-planning and technological solutions.

Providing cost control at all stages (from development to the date of commissioning).

Providing control over the construction period, maintaining the construction schedule, the schedule of labor, and the schedule of materials.

Organization and management of remote meetings using advanced informative three-dimensional graphs.


Optimization of construction processes through the development of the project in an information modeling environment (BIM).

Development of three-dimensional construction schedules.

Implementation of the BRIO MRS digital mixed reality platform at all stages of design and construction.

Services / {{Solutions}}:

Engineering survey

Engineering Design

Field supervision with constant support of the project directly at the construction site

Financial and technical audit

Construction compliance monitoring

BRIO MRS Platform