BRIO MRS at the Department of State Expertise and Pricing of the Republic of Tatarstan

In July, Alexey Kislukhin, CEO of BRIO MRS, took part as a guest speaker in the program of advanced training courses developed by the training center of the State Autonomous Institution “Department of State Expertise and Pricing of the Republic of Tatarstan”.

The program consisted of modules and was dedicated to construction digitalization, and specifically to information modeling technologies (IMT) in construction and the customer’s role in operating the information modeling process.

In the report on “Building an end-to-end business process for construction management using Mixed and Augmented Reality technologies” Alexey raised the problem of taking BIM design to the construction site, and reviewed AR and MR technologies and explained the benefits of their application.

In addition, Alexey presented an innovative MR platform BRIO MRS for construction, which is applicable for any construction project designed and built using BIM technologies. The solution is also a single source of relevant information that minimizes cases of approval of outdated documentation. Using the BRIO MRS platform builders can identify clashes in real time, match plan and built, as well as work with blueprints and documentation, and beyond.

We thank the organizers for the opportunity to speak at the event in order to share experiences and promote the use of BIM and MR technologies in construction.